Recent client results:

Name: Francine--Final Invoice - Due 08/07/2017--She has received:

  • $50,000 from SOFI
  • $33,250 from Prosper
  • $30,000 from Marcus
  • $2,000 from Affinity FCU
  • $15,000 Affinity Credit Card
  • $32,000.00 Lending Club
  • Total in her possession right now - $162,250.00

NOTE: We have not one but TWO resources who can actually get legal CPN funding!

  • Takes about 45-60 days (sometimes a week or two longer in rare cases)
  • $2900 for up to $40,000!
  • $3900 for up to $60,000!
  • $4900 for up to $80,000!
  • Success fees upon funding are 25%.  After funding you are able to enter the “BE the BANK” income opportunity and help others with their upfront fees and take 2% of their funding! Make $1,000 on every file you help get funded!

  • We have many clients waiting for help!  There is no shortage of people wanting money!  You have the best product! NO work involved, we organize all the clients for you to make $10,000 a month or make an UNLIMITED amount of income, you decide!

  • You are also eligible for the JV credit renting program(see the 3-Step Financial Freedom Program!) Get paid an income check into your account every month for the financial brokers who leverage your credit up to 40 to 1!  Make money like the rich do! 
  • The processor GUARANTEES funding on all CPN files!
  • To speak to a mentor about this program email your contact information:  Complete name, phone, email, best time to contact you.  Email to : mmu@mail.com   A mentor will return call within 48 hours!  Response time is quicker if you sign up on our contact us page! 

*For CPN funding we only accept direct deposit or bank wire (you can now do this online at most banks if you don't wish to go to the bank)

DISCLAIMER: MMU is a third-party resource only. We do not process any CPN funding projects but merely offer resources for those who do. We will as a service to members offer to pay for your funding costs and help with document preparation from the processor.  MMU includes our membership benefits at no extra cost with this CPN program.  You must do your due diligence before making any decisions that may affect your financial future.  This program is not intended to be used as a method of defrauding banks, creditors, or any other organization that requires your social security number as identification. This program is not a method to avoid paying your existing or future debts. If you created the debt, you are responsible to repay that debt. However, we will not support, facilitate, nor condone any fraudulent activity. The information here is informational purposes only and for you to use at your own risk. We are not lawyers or any legal services.

IT IS OUR STATEMENT that MMU IS NOT ENGAGING IN ANY PROHIBITED BUSINESS ACTIVITIES SUCH AS: A. Representing, expressly or by implication, that through the use of our 3rd party referral products or services, consumers can alter their identifying information to conceal adverse credit information from consumers' credit records, credit histories, or credit ratings, including but not limited to the use of Employer Identification Numbers ("EINs"), Taxpayer Identification Numbers ("TINs"), or alternative Social Security Numbers in lieu of the consumers' own Social Security Numbers; B. Representing that the building of a new credit record by applying for credit using an EIN, a TIN, or an alternate social security number instead of a consumer's own social security number is legal; C. Misrepresenting any material fact concerning the ability of any third party products or services to perform or provide any credit-related function for consumers, including but not limited to improving consumers' credit reports or profiles, consolidating debt, obtaining or arranging a loan, or obtaining or arranging any extension of credit; and D. Misrepresenting any fact material to a consumer's decision to purchase third party products or services. E. Representing, expressly or by implication, that through the use of a third party’s products or services, consumers can alter their identifying information to conceal adverse credit information from consumers' credit records, credit histories, or credit ratings, including but not limited to the use of Dun & Bradstreet Numbers ("DBNs"), Employer Identification Numbers ("EINs"), Taxpayer Identification Numbers ("TINs"), or alternative Social Security Numbers in lieu of the consumers' own Social Security Numbers; F. Representing that the building of a new credit record by applying for credit using a DBN, EIN, a TIN, or an alternate Social Security Number instead of a consumer's own Social Security Number is legal; G. Misrepresenting any material fact concerning the ability of the third party’s products or services to perform or provide any credit-related function for consumers, including but not limited to improving consumers' credit reports or profiles, consolidating debt, obtaining or arranging a loan, or obtaining or arranging any extension of credit; and H. Misrepresenting any fact material to a consumer's decision to purchase the third party’s products or services.




* 3 months bank statements with minimum of $5,000 gross.  If you have more in monthly gross sales, you can get more money.  Once your 3 bank statements are reviewed we can let you know how much  we can get for you!

*If you have 3 merchant processing statements we can get much more

* NO FICO needed

*No income verification

*One simple app (EIN number needed)

*Only 10% success fees

*Funding in as little as 2 days

We are as excited as you are for this new pilot funding program which requires no fico score.  This can be a lifestyle liberator for you and your loved ones!  Use it to buy primary tradelines to fast forward your personal credit files,  buy an aged corp with hundreds of thousands in funding,  get a CPN with up to $150,00 in funding, or use as down payment (an origination fee of 3.5% is due--this means that you can acquire $500,000 businesses for about $18k with incomes over $350k on average) on a $500,000 business which can net $250k a year in income for you with our 100% investor financing bank!

1. Please contact mmu@mail.com for the application to fill out so we can verify the authenticity of your business before sending you the terms (please be sure to sign the application with a pen, no electronic signatures allowed). Merchant information requested is necessary for verification purposes.

a) Do not worry about personal credit, you will not be turned down because of personal credit, even open personal and business bankruptcies, open unpaid tax liens, foreclosures, judgments etc. are allowed. One existing cash advance is allowed without being paid off and in many cases, multiple open business cash advances may be allowed with us paying off all or some of your existing advances.

2. Submit the last 3 current months of your complete bank account statements (ALL PAGES,INCLUDING BLANK NUMBERED PAGES). You may black out your account number except for the last 4 digits, if it makes you more comfortable. (Qualifying statements are: a minimum of 4 deposits per month totaling $5,000.00 a month for 3 consecutive months.)

NOTE: you should have handy if needed,  a government picture ID, and cancelled check with your company name on it.  If you wish to save a step include them.  Once in awhile they require these.

a.) Please submit all pages of your last 3 merchant statements (only required if you process credit card, and the lender will call you with a quote if approved.  The 3 bank statements must be over $5,000 minimum,  not $4,900!

NOTE: Attach all docs SEPARATE and all in ONE EMAIL!  We do not want multiple emails or documents all combined in one attachment please pay attention to this to avoid delays!

We are offering the amazing business funding build-out program detailed below for $1295 for non-members and just $995 for MMU members. It includes both the build-out and access to all that MMU offers. To be eligible for business funding all a person has to have are an EIN (Employer Identification Number) which can be done very quickly online at www.IRS.gov and to create a C-Corp (not an LLC) through their state website.

These two steps are not hard, but some of the legal language may be intimidating. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY A SERVICE TO DO THESE TWO TASKS FOR YOU. Be a smart investor and educate yourself about these important factors: an EIN and a C-Corp.


We have set up an amazing new partnership with the best company in the USA focused on helping people get new BUSINESS Credit without using their PERSONAL FICO SCORE!

As you know Business Credit is the very best way to obtain funding.  Your liability is limited and there are amazing tax advantages as well as the fact that you are building an asset that you can use to acquire other assets!

This simple Done-4-U program will step-by-step get you about $60,000 in a few months. This is not a get-rich-quick or instant funding solution. This builds your new company from the ground up with a very strategic process of obtaining the right funding and credit cards at the right time.

1. Store Cards
2. Gas Cards
3. Lines of Credit
4. Cash Cards
5. Bigger Cash Cards

For people with weak credit this is a very inexpensive, simple program to rebuild your credit, build a valuable asset, and become financially independent in months, not years!

This program is also highly recommended for EVERYONE who wants business credit, not just for those with weak FICO scores!

For more information on this product send a request to MMU@mail.com and one of our mentors will send out some more info!  The basic cost upfront for this program and consulting is only $995.00 if your are a member of Millionaire Mentor University. The membership is $499 and includes access to our Video Course library of over $55,000 in video courses and materials. It also includes mentoring and access to all our other private services, products, private webinar training, income ideas and opportunities, etc.

Up to THREE companies can be used to generate $180,000 in credit and  build out THREE 80 Paydex Score Companies!  

NOTE:  If you have a 3-year-old company for a couple dollars more you can get up to $150,000.00 per company.

We continue to help our new members by researching and developing amazing relationships with the best connections on the planet!

The Team at Millionaire Mentor University!


Send your name and phone number and best time to call (with your timezone) to:


NOW we have made it AFFORDABLE to get the REAL TrueBuild Business Credit Program with Financing! (If you have a Corporation or LLC you QUALIFY) 

We are the only service anywhere in the world that has gone through the trenches, seen every mistake and knows EXACTLY how to get you APPROVED for all the cards below. See our live True Build Credit customer reviews.

This is just a starting point and foundation for a true separation of you and your business' credit. Non-Personally Guaranteed Business Credit? $250k, is that real? Well we have made an exact science and a 10 year mission to that end
. No wonder 70% of what you will read and see is previous members of our service. We fanatically compared and sought out every card available in the world without using your social security number and there is only one resource you will ever need to separate you and your business credit.

Yes you can do this and REALIZE it is 100% legal, 100% verified, and with almost 90% old information out there no matter how much you pay or search. You will get approved with us if you follow the most comprehensive and researched program available anywhere, we joined others and it is simply ridiculous how much junk is out there. 

You CAN completely separate yourself from your business and get company credit cards, including Visa and MC business cards, vendor lines of credit, dramatically improve cash flow, and buy or lease cars and buildings without EVER risking your personal credit.

Just a few examples of credit being approved WITHOUT a personal guarantee...

$25k in new credit to a contractor with a personal bankruptcy three months previous

$10k from Dell for some computer equipment, members get approved automatically online without using their social

A member with a recent auto repossession is now driving a CL63 leased under his business

A member with borderline personal credit who was repeatedly declined for an SBA loan, approved for $70k

A medical supply start-up able to procure $100k in wholesale credit lines, with no Personal Guarantee

A non-profit able to get $25k in printing they needed on a revolving account, paying after fundraiser

A church able to buy land for a new sanctuary by showing the bank their organization was credit worthy

Or the MANY members who simply have challenged personal credit and are fed up with it and the e-mails & offers from useless credit cards with ridiculous interest rates and charges that are no help in starting their business, or worse just simply not getting approved for any credit. 

Sub 650 FICO scores get approved on average for $75K in Credit Cards from Literally Hundreds of choices that can easily be approved in your Business's Name & Credit

If you want to get approved for a Business Loan, Credit Line, Lease, Company Credit Cards or Other Financing, the TrueBuild Program can help.  Will it work for you? YES!

In the TrueBuild Resource Center...

The TrueBuild Corporate Credit Program

Hundreds of Credit Accounts to open with NO Personal Guarantees

Hundreds of vendors willing to open accounts right now

Qualify and Direct your business for funding programs available

Build your Business Credit score in order to qualify for more funding

Build a business credit profile to eliminate Personal Guarantees

Establish your Business as a good credit risk

Proactively build credit in months instead of years

Why not separate your Personal from your Business's credit?

Members get approved for...

  • Company Credit Cards
  • Vendor lines of Credit
  • Computer Leases
  • Vehicle Leases (No SSN!)
  • Business Equipment and Supplies
  • Store Cards (Home Depot, Nordstrom's,  etc,)
  • Lower Interest
  • Company SBA & Bank Loans
  • Commercial & Private Property
  • Business Lines of Credit

Some cards you will use to build credit ( WITH NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE ) to get the loan, credit line or lease your company needs...Try it without knowing EXACTLY what your doing never works or worse gets you red flagged for life, there are NO credit protections or disputes for business credit.

100% exclusive vendors that know exactly what they are doing and work with CCN clients only! Getting you started is easy, following the program is easy....

Buy on credit from 5 EXCLUSIVE TrueBuild vendors who will sell you things you NEED with 100% Guaranteed APPROVALS

OPEN your first 10 retail credit cards

Go on to Step Seven where you get EXCLUSIVE access to the most definitive resource available for funding using business credit.

Get REAL Trades Reporting NOW not $25 in Toilet Paper!!!

The TrueBuild Program has more clients and success stories than all the other services combined! Why because it's not rocket science you just have to do it RIGHT and EXACTLY RIGHT, and we have answered every possible question, seen every mistake, heard the frustration when other services completely failed them and they had to start over. As a matter of fact if you have joined another service right off the bat you will know the difference because they probably failed and you had to learn the hard way. Exactly the right way...

What companies use Citi to underwrite their cards and how many can you have before getting declined? What Citi backed card will, if you apply for it first and declined, lead to all other Citi backed retail cards being declined? GE backed cards; what are the exact requirements? Why do so many get declined, it's so simple if you have good information. If they have not done it themselves it is useless. Propagating bad info like so many others is why we passionately dedicate ourselves to RESEARCH and DOCUMENTED SUCCESS. This is just one step (5) in your successful leverage of rock solid business credit. 


Can I get Business Credit cards with Bad Credit? YES.

Can I get CASH financing or loans with mid to good credit AND good Business Credit in this economy? YES

Is there one TRUE source that spends 10 times the amount of all other companies on in-house research? YES

Is there one place and one TRUE program that knows every possible angle and approvable options available today? YES

Will you get Support and Help? YES

Do you need more than a simple Paydex that any business can get overnight? YES!!

Will this work for my company? YES

Do I need to be Incorporated? YES, we can do it for you for the state fees plus a very minimal charge.

About how much Credit can my Business obtain if I can't or won't Personally Guarantee anything? $75k plus cars, homes, boats, equipment and most anything a business needs.

Should I join the Program if I have good personal credit YES! 90% of owners fail and so does their credit! PLUS you have to have good Business Credit to get any sort of SBA or Micro Finance.

Should I do this now? YES

Like them or not the Administration just allocated $3 BILLION to help banks and business credit underwriters. YES!

Hundreds More No PG...

If you don't know the answer to any of the questions below, you are among thousands of business owners who are lost in the maze of how to build business credit. We can provide you the answers to the mystery.

Who are the two largest business credit bureaus? What rights does a business owner have for incorrect information on a credit report? What are the business credit scores? What do business lenders look at? Where do you find companies that grant credit? How do you get a company to grant credit? Which companies report to the business credit bureaus? What credit card companies do not require personal guarantees?

Advantages of Having A Business Credit Profile

Just by building a business credit profile you will be able to limit the use of your personal guarantee and build business credit regardless of your personal credit history.

  • You will have more cash for the business.
  • Convenience in purchasing.
  • Protection of your personal assets from that of the business.
  • Limit your personal liability from the business.
  • No need for personal credit checks.
  • Purchase vehicles with no personal guarantees.
  • Purchase equipment, computers and more with your business credit.
  • Preparing your business for future lending needs

Separating You From Your Business

You can separate your personal liability and protect your personal assets from that of the business just by incorporating. It is possible to build a business credit profile for a sole proprietorship or partnership however you are still responsible for all the debts of the company. We recommend building your business credit as a corporation or limited liability company. Other advantages of a corporation are:

  • Separates you from your business.
  • Limited liability of the owners and officers. Lower tax liability.
  • 100% tax deductible insurance.
  • Reimburse 100% of medical expenses.
  • Corporate image.
  • Raise capital and build credit faster.
  • Lower your audit risk as a small corporation.
  • Stock ownership--easier to transfer assets.
  • Protect Your Personal Assets.

Biggest Advantage of Having Business Credit

The biggest advantage of having a good business credit profile is saving money. By obtaining a more favorable credit score you will lower the interest you pay on loans and leases. For example:

Total Savings For Having Good Credit $9,924.00

Business Credit Agencies

There are two main business credit reporting agencies in the United States that lenders and financial institutions rely on for information to grant credit. The two credit agencies are D&B and Experian Business.


  • Over 150 million businesses are registered with D&B
  • The credit profile created by D&B uses information provided by the business owners and vendors of the business
  • Grants a PAYDEX score to businesses based on payment experiences of the business
  • Issues a D-U-N-S Rating based on the financial statements of the business
  • Has a High-Risk status for companies that will destroy a company's ability to obtain credit

Experian Business

  • Over 14 million businesses are registered with Experian
  • The credit profile created by Experian uses information provided by vendors only
  • Grants an Intelliscore based on payment experiences
  • Is one of the three largest personal credit bureaus

Business Credit Scores

The business credit scores with D&B and Experian are what the lenders and financial institutions look for to determine credit.


  • Score ranges from 0 to 100
  • A score of 75+ is good
  • Based on payment experiences reported by vendors
  • Need 5 trade references who report to D&B


  • Score ranges from 0 to 100
  • A score of 75+ is good
  • Based on payment experiences reported by vendors
  • Need 2 trade references who report to Experian

D-U-N-S Rating

  • Various rating schedules
  • Based on employee size and financial statements
  • Also takes into account payment history

CCN Credit...

Our service will prepare your business to obtain credit, loans or leases.

The Goals of the program:

  • All lenders and credit bureau requirements of a business will be reviewed and put in place
  • Create a new credit profile without creating a new identity
  • Save money by bettering your credit score and lowering interest rates
  • Obtain a favorable Credit Score of 75+* based on your companies payment experiences
  • Assistance in obtaining a Credit Rating
  • Assist in developing a credit profile
  • Provide a list of companies that will extend credit with no personal guarantee and previous credit history and will report all payment experiences to credit bureaus
  • Provide The Resource Center, which includes, list of credit card companies, vendors, banks, lenders and more
  • Apply for 3-5 business retail credit cards with no personal guarantees
  • Provide resources for vehicle leases, equipment financing or loans under the corporation's name
  • To keep your business out of the No Credit, High Risk status

The Corporate Credit Program

The steps your business will go through with the service are:

1. Investigate the business to determine if any "High Risk" areas need to be looked at

2. Apply for and obtain a credit profile

3. Correctly navigate the 5 exact steps to building your credit profile properly

4. Make sure that you avoid all the common mistakes that get companies "red-flagged"

5. Provide vendors and get them to report to the credit bureaus

6. Provide list of companies that offer products and services on credit without the need for a personal guarantee or any previous credit history, and also report payment experiences to build the profile.

7. Assist clients in developing Credit Scores of 750 or better based on payment history with trade references

8. Apply for 3-5 new retail business credit cards that do not require a personal guarantee

9. Work our way through to Step 5 and advanced No-PG Approvals

10. Give you the latest banking resources for both good personal credit and no PG situations

11. The countries most aggressive real-world recession lender

12, Second-level lenders and line of credit grantors

13. Every known non-personally guaranteed business credit card in existence in the USA

14. Assist with establishing a Credit rating based on company financials

15. Assist in finding financing and additional credit required by your business

16. Process takes only 90 - 120 days to complete

17. CCN works with you and your company throughout the Credit Building process

18. Weekly Status Updates from your Business Credit Technician

19. Access to a wealth of knowledge and your technician at anytime during business hours

20. Personal Access to our Founder once your credit file is strong enough to be approved for Today's no-PG solutions (Toyota, Rolls, Bentley, Equipment, Property)

21. Email Newsletter bi-monthly

22. Process reports bi-monthly mailer