Unsecured Primary Tradelines

These unsecured primary tradelines do not require an upfront security deposit in order to open account , although they may not offer the products that you want or need,  the purpose of these accounts is to help rebuild/reestablish credit.

Get up to $10,000 in approved credit easily using our recommended providers.

Unsecured Primary Tradelines Choice 1 – This primary tradeline reports to All 3 Bureaus

  1. $5,000.00 trade line of credit that reports to all 3 bureaus.
  2. $99 sign-up.
  3. Reports on the 1st and appears on the credit report as early as the 2nd and as late as the 5th.
  4. $10-$20 off coupons 5 times a year.
  5. Approval is NOT based on FICO score.
  6. May see a 15 to 50 point jump in credit scores the 1st month.
  7. Only 1 hard hit on Transunion *(this is only if there is enough information.  If not, they will pull either Equifax or Experian)
  8. Sign-ups by the 25th of every month report the following month.

Unsecured Primary Tradelines Choice 2 – This primary tradeline reports to Equifax

  1. $29 application fee
  2. Consumer is granted a $2500 credit line for 6 months.
  3. Consumer must activate account and must purchase a minimum of $120 of ebooks that is added as a balance.
  4. Balance is paid back over 5 monthly invoices that they auto deduct on their anniversary date (which is day of the month you sign up)
  5. Once balance is added and 1st invoice is paid account is reported to Equifax only which is approximately 60 days.
  6. Every 6 months consumer must purchase a minimum $100 of ebooks which is again added as a balance and auto deducted over 5 months.
  7. If consumer does not make this $100 purchase or you don’t contact them to cancel account then they will auto deduct a $20 membership fee month by month.

 Unsecured Primary Tradelines Choice 3 –  This primary tradeline reports to Equifax

  1. Consumer pays 1st $30 membership fee at time of application.
  2. Consumer is approved for a credit line between $500 & $1500. 
  3. Product purchase of $180 required.
  4. They auto deduct $20 monthly membership fee. 
  5. If Purchase is made they will auto deduct fee but client will manually be responsible to pay a monthly invoice on their anniversary date.
  6. Account is active as long or short as you wish.
  7. Reports to Equifax only in approximately 60 days as long as 2nd membership fee has been processed.
  8. 25% discount on reduced price (and down payment requirement has been lowered 25%) on our great new product line up
  9. Insignia™ – 32″ LCD, Regular Price: $434, Member Price $325.50
  10. Great line of products including HDTVs and laptops

 Bonus – Enroll In Choice 2 AND Choice 3 and Get an Extra $2,000 Limit

  1. You MUST apply, activate and make minimum $120 purchase on Choice 2.
  2. You then apply for Choice 3.
  3. Choice 3 will approve you for a credit line between $500 & $1500.
  4. Log into Choice 3 to activate.  There will be a message at the top of the activation page that states once you activate the account, the credit limit will be increased an additional $2k.
  5. Once you submit activation page, you can log back into their account and you will see the credit line has been increased by $2k.

Plus one more aged up to 12 months!




Also included in our VIP MEMBERSHIP is the process for creating your own primary tradelines using the UCC-1!

How to file UCC LIEN - (Primary Tradeline) The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) under Article 9 governs how a lender obtains a security interest against a debtor's personal property for the payment of debt. Under Article 9, a borrower is called the "debtor" and the lender is called the "secured party." Filing a document called a UCC-1 Financing Statement secures a lender's lien against a borrower for specific collateral used as payment to the lender. The filing of a UCC-1 to secure collateral is termed "perfecting" a lien. Determine the jurisdiction for filing the UCC-1. A UCC-1 for personal property should be filed with the Secretary of State where the debtor is legally incorporated or organized.

A National UCC Financing form is typically accepted by most filing offices. If a UCC-1’s collateral is real property (e.g., mortgages or fixtures), the UCC-1 is typically filed in the county recorder's office where the debtor’s real property is located. Complete the UCC-1 form according to the instructions. If the National UCC Financing form is not accepted by a jurisdiction, download the appropriate UCC-1 form required by the state or county where the UCC-1 will be filed. Contact the filing office and inquire if there are any specific state laws regarding how the form should be completed. Many state websites include useful UCC information under their business or corporate sections.

Correctly identify all information about the debtor on the UCC-1 form. Ensure the debtor’s exact legal name, address and organization number are correctly stated on the UCC-1 form. A company’s organization documents, which are filed where the company is organized, often include this information. If the debtor is an individual, obtain his name and any pertinent information from a legal instrument, such as a birth certificate or driver's license. Disputes over UCC filings can occur over incorrect debtor information. Complete secured party information on the UCC-1 form. Since the filer of a UCC-1 is typically the secured party, all information such as secured party name and corporate address should be readily known to the filer. As with the debtor section, ensure all information on the form is complete and accurate.

Additional Seasoned Tradelines from our resource for sale…

*Note prices and lines change daily!


$30-50K 3-5 years old $675 status open or closed  

$60-85K 3-5 years old $775 status open or closed 


$100-150K $925 status closed - 10/12 year history


$5-10K $475 OPEN - Low Balance 5-10% 
$10-15K $575 OPEN - Low Balance 5-10% 


$5-10K 4-6 years OPEN - Low Balance 5-10% - $550.00
$12-18K 4-6 years OPEN - Low Balance 5-10% - $650.00

AU & Primary trade lines post to 2 - 3 bureaus. AU lines are aged 1 mo - 10 yrs+, and remain on file an average of 30 - 60 days. Primary lines are aged 3 - 10+ years currently, remain on file 5 - 7 years. AU listings are received on average by the 1st of each month, sometimes 1 -2 weeks prior to the beginning of the month. Primary lines currently are uploaded on the 15th and 30th of each month, all orders must be in and payment cleared within 3 days of upload date.In any event when a new listing or change is provided client/or broker will be immediately notified so that needed lines may be purchased in a timely manner.

All lines require on average 30 - 45 business days to appear on credit files, after upload date due to them being uploaded through a 3rd party service provider . 

All orders must be received with necessary requirements/documents and payment must clear bank before any lines are reserved. Any order form received incomplete will not be accepted until the verifiable documents are received. Once received you will be uploaded on the next upload date!

All SCN files must be re-validated, skip traced, and tri-merge verified prior to providing service requests. No refunds will be provided if application does not indicate file is a SCN, and above noted has not been performed prior to placing an order,causing file not to process or update accordingly.

You will need the following:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. Telephone
  5. SSN
  6. DOB

Request info from sarah@millionairementoruniversity.com

Here are the current lists of trade lines we have available from one of our providers. They change weekly, so email mmu@mail.com for the most recent updates.



1.     What is your refund policy?  100%

2.     Are you listed with the 3 credit bureaus as an authorized company to add tradelines?  (They have a minimum of several hundred files before they will take someone!)   Yes.

3.     What is your source of the tradelines?  Direct resource.

4.     Are the tradelines assumable?   Most of the primaries, except the rental.

5.     How long will the tradelines stay on my file?  It varies on the line, primaries can stay on for 7 years. Rentals are for 6 months and can be renewed.

6.     Do you have a contract guaranteeing the tradelines?   Yes.

7.     Do you have a website?  Yes.

8.     How long have you been in business? The corporation?  Over 2 years.

9.     Do you have document results? See Credit Repair link.

10. What is your company’s phone and address?  See About FFC link.

11. Is the phone listed or is it a temporary number? Permanent.

12. What is your payment method?  Google Wallet, direct deposit, your bank’s Quick Pay method.

13. Will they post to all 3 bureaus? Most all do, except for the rentals.

14. How long does it take to post the tradelines? 3-4 weeks average.

15. Are you a broker or the direct seller of these tradelines? Broker to the direct seller.

Examples of Posted Tradelines

tradeline proof.png
trade line posting.png
tradeline proof 2.jpg
tradeline proof 3.jpg