* 3 months bank statements with minimum of $5,000 gross.  If you have more in monthly gross sales, you can get more money.  Once your 3 bank statements are reviewed we can let you know how much  we can get for you!

*If you have 3 merchant processing statements we can get much more

* NO FICO needed

*No income verification

*One simple app (EIN number needed)

*Only 10% success fees

*Funding in as little as 2 days

We are as excited as you are for this new pilot funding program which requires no fico score.  This can be a lifestyle liberator for you and your loved ones!

Use it to buy primary tradelines to fast forward your personal credit files,  but an aged corp with hundreds of thousands in funding,  get a CPN with up to $150,00 in funding, or use as down payment (an origination fee of 3.5% is due-this means that you can acquire $500,000 Businesses for about 18k with incomes over $350k on average) on a $500,000 business which can net $250k a year in income for you with our 100% investor financing bank!

1. Please contact for the application to fill out so we can verify the authenticity of your business before sending you the terms (please be sure to sign the application with a pen, no electronic signatures allowed). Merchant information requested is necessary for verification purposes.

a) Do not worry about personal credit, you will not be turned down because of personal credit, even open personal and business bankruptcies, open unpaid tax liens, foreclosures, judgments etc. are allowed. One existing cash advance is allowed without being paid off and in many cases, multiple open business cash advances may be allowed with us paying off all or some of your existing advances.

2. Submit the last 3 current months of your complete bank account statements (ALL PAGES,INCLUDING BLANK NUMBERED PAGES). You may black out your account number except for the last 4 digits, if it makes you more comfortable. (Qualifying statements are: a minimum of 4 deposits per month totaling $5,000.00 a month for 3 consecutive months.)

NOTE: you should have handy if needed,  a government picture ID, and cancelled check with your company name on it.  If you wish to save a step include them.  Once in awhile they require these.

a.) Please submit all pages of your last 3 merchant statements (only required if you process credit card, and the lender will call you with a quote if approved.  The 3 bank statements must be over $5,000 minimum,  not $4,900!

NOTE: Attach all docs SEPARATE and all in ONE EMAIL!  We do not want multiple emails or documents all combined in one attachment please pay attention to this to avoid delays!