We figured out a way to help the less fortunate break free from financial slaveryand  the Rat Race and become financially independent!  Here is how it works…..

1.They don’t have upfront costs to acquire funding which in some cases requires upfront costs of $250 up to $50,000 depending on the product.

2. When someone else goes through their funding,  their first obligation is to help others go through the funding program.  Funded clients are expected to fund at least 2 other people. Paying it Forward!

3. This doesn’t mean they aren’t compensated for this generosity.  The client signs an agreement to pay them the cost of the Pre Funding of 50% which they borrow.  This means if someone borrows $50,000 they must pay back to the “angel investor”  $75,000.  This is a small price to pay for someone without any money getting to an asset with up to 1.2 Million in funding.  A life changing moment for them.   This is all passive income for the funded clients, not only recouping any upfront or backend fees on their funding, but creating a auto pilot income stream of tens of thousands a month, as there is no shortage of new clients.

We have the best product. MONEY everyone wants it.

It’s that simple.  Get funding.    Make large sums of easy money helping others get funding.

This program also applies to the CPN funding program as well with a much smaller investment.

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