1. Funding experts and lending underwriters who can get you up to 10 times more funding than other funding sources using sophisticated software and contacts, and a proprietary software report which details EXACTLY what needs to be done to get you to the LARGEST possible funding amounts using business, aged corporation funding, non-FICO funding, and personal funding. They can also arrange a $5,000 personal loan so you can add positive trade lines immediately, getting you to the money FASTER.
  2. Financial Power Brokers who will “RENT” your credit lines and pay you up to $12,000 or more depending on your funding!  - No investment experience required.  Also included are a $60,000 annual payout using a life insurance strategy while protecting your loved ones, and a $200,000 balloon payment after your funds have been seasoned!

Use your good credit to retire in a few weeks from now.  Most people work hard all their lives, 60 years and more, to retire deep in debt.  95% of people who retire have to depend on a few hundred bucks a month in government scraps and benefits.

There is a smarter way by LEVERAGING your good credit and other funding resources to create MULTIPLE, PASSIVE, RESIDUAL INCOME STREAMS!  Most financially stupid people use their credit to acquire LIABILITIES not ASSETS.  Or they don’t use their good credit to create more wealth, they just sit on it all their live, doing absolutely nothing with it.  Your good credit and your signature is worth MILLIONS and you can use it just like the banks use their money, by leveraging it.

Credit is a valuable asset that you can use to create other assets.  You don’t have enough of your own money so why not use the banks money.  Banks create money out of thin air, then loan out 10 times that amount and charge interest on that money, while investing their “created money” institutionally so they can LEVERAGE their money up to 40 to 1!  Why do you think banks make 10 Billion dollars every quarter report!  You can do the same and protect your credit as well, since we take 6 months of your funding amounts to put in reserve to pay the banks.  This protects the bank, our valuable partners and you.  It’s always smart to have reserves, just like your house payment. Do you have 6 months reserved for payments if you lose your job or a health issue arises?  Most people are only a couple months from bankruptcy.

SEE why you will retire in debt after working hard for 60 years:


We also have a proprietary funding method that gets 5-10 times more funding than anyone else using Aged Corporations, NON-FICO funding, business funding, private lenders, and personal FICO-based funding.

If you do not know how to invest the funds into your own business, your friend's business, or find ways to make your money back with the passive income opportunities you see on our site, and either afford the monthly payments plus interest, OR pay down the entire debt on the card…or deal with moderate balances or whatever balances on the card that you incur, then this program is not for you.   *We have however, obtained financial brokers who will PAY YOU to RENT your credit lines while paying off your loans!  Now you can create financial freedom for yourself in a few weeks by making SMARTER use of your good credit!

It takes many experts to take you to the place you need to be. It is very rare where someone is “perfect” and can go straight to funding. You must be patient. Your current financial situation wasn’t created in a day and it won’t be fixed in a day. You will sign and enter into an Agreement with us titled "Consultant Client Contract" which will lay out and enumerate all the terms and conditions on which we will work together.

A Letter of Introduction from Financial Freedom Club Regarding Our Services:

Thank you for your interest in our funding and THREE step financial freedom programs. It's important to understand a few things before proceeding to expedite the process. These programs are not for everybody.

It is not for broke people with no jobs, who are using their future rent or food money, it is not for negative thinkers. It is not for people unwilling or scared to take risks. We do not want to take your last few dollars.  Wait til you are in a better financial position.  We also don’t want the biggest business, but one that bothers us the least, so if you are someone that needs to constantly email or call us daily for handholding, this program is not for you.

If you are going to go into debt in order to build or grow a company or invest in another company, or get into our resources passive income opportunity, you ultimately are someone who is willing to take risks and be a mature adult willing to take 100% responsibility for your financial investments and choices!  In most of our funding programs we offer a resource who can generate large amounts of monthly residual passive income for a lifetime.  You will be educated in these programs along the way.

Money is not free. To obtain these high credit limits the lenders incur a large risk, so they will charge fees to protect their money and processors get paid on their expertise as well. We include access to many successful mentors, private wealth webinars, access to passive investments from our third party resources, and hundreds of video /audio courses and educational materials.

Once funded, you will also pay a success fee of 20% on average which is due in full within 48 hours of receiving funding. It is up to you to contact us immediately to insure further funding, access to other programs including investments and income opportunities.  If not, loans or credit cards may be called in and affect your credit scores.  This money is much cheaper than taking money from a partner who takes 50% of your profits for life, then eventually owns your business. In some instances it may be much smarter to enhance or repair your credit before going to funding. A slight correction in your files can be the difference between $20,000 and $1,000,000.  We include many tremendous benefits with these success fees including:

  • FREE CREDIT REPAIR and MONETARY DAMAGES!  This is not the typical credit repair.  We have an expert team of CONSUMER LAW ATTORNEYS who will actually get you MONEY for your debt.  Up to $2,000 for every negative.  While they remove your debts they will get you settlements!  This does not include public liens however.  We have a different source for those.
  • 3% referral commissions for helping others obtain financial freedom.  Average $12,000k-$24,000 per referral you help become financially free.
  • Residual commissions on referrals profits every month, up to 10%. Multiple streams of residual revenue.
  • Access to our $100,000 Financial Education Video/Audio/Training manuals with many income ideas.
  • Access to our 100% INVESTMENT funding program.  Acquire MULTI-MILLION dollar assets and create multiple income streams using this program.  (A bank guarantee is needed to get funding and we can help with that).  You can find investments and split the broker commissions with us for others looking for investments.  A 1% commission on a 100 Million dollar project is ONE MILLION DOLLARS for you.
  • Private Webinars from successful entrepreneurs and investors who are successful in their area of expertise.
  • Private Mentoring sessions with financial power brokers.
  • Access to our Pay-it-Forward Partner Program which allows you to make substantial returns while helping others go through our programs.
  • Access on How to discharge Back Child Support           (This is available at discounted fees with membership!)
  • Access to our resource on“How To Buy a New Automobile for $5,000.00"                                                   "
  • Access to How to discharge & terminate the  IRS & IRS debt                                                                              "
  • Access to How to discharge your mortgage once and for all                                                                             "
  • Travel without the DMV and License requirements.  It’s the law.                                                                      "
  • Access your treasury direct account and discharge all your debts                                                                  "
  • Discharging property taxes                                                                                                                                             "
  • Discharging all debts using contract law                                                                                                                   "


Here is what the banks advertise: “Come to our bank. We have money to loan you." Is this really what happens?

When you entered into a loan contract with a bank, you signed a note or contract promising to pay the bank back, and you agreed to provide collateral that the bank could seize if you did not repay the loan. The transaction for a credit account is much more tenuous since it is unsecured, i.e., no collateral is involved. In either event, the contract supposedly qualified you to receive the bank’s money.

But did the bank provide "full disclosure" of all of the terms of this agreement? Answer the following questions and decide for yourself if the bank was acting in "good faith", that you received "valuable consideration", and that your "signature" on that agreement is valid.

1. Were you told that the Federal Reserve Policies and Procedures and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) requirements imposed upon all Federally-insured (FDIC) banks in Title 12 of the United States Code, section 1831n (a), prohibit them from lending their own money from their own assets, or from other depositors? Did the bank tell you where the money for the loan was coming from?

2. Were you told that the contract you signed (or your promissory note) was going to be converted into a "negotiable instrument" by the bank and become an asset on the bank’s accounting books? Did the bank tell you that your signature on that note made it "money", according to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Sections 1-201(b) (24) and 3-104?

3. Were you told that your agreement or promissory note (money) would be taken, recorded as an asset of the bank, and be sold by the bank for cash – without "valuable consideration" given to obtain your note? Did the bank give you a deposit slip as a receipt for the money you gave them, just as the bank would normally provide when you make a deposit to the bank?

4. Were you told that the bank would create an account at the bank that would contain this money that you gave them?

5. Were you told that a check from this account would be issued with your signature, and that this account would be the source of the funds behind the check that was given to you as a “loan” or behind your credit card as you used it?

There is GOOD DEBT and there is BAD DEBT.  Start using your credit and create GOOD DEBTS.  What do you care about paying an interest rate of 10% when your return is 30%?  Duh.  Start thinking in terms of PERCENTAGES not interest rates.  If you flipped a $100k house for $150k that’s 50% ROI.  If you flipped one a month, that’s a 600% ROI combined.  Get it?

Credit is a renewable CASH resource.  You can always start over so it’s MANAGED RISK which is the best way to invest in anything, what isn’t managed can’t be measured.  The best CASH to use to as a renewable resource is someone else’s cash, you don’t have enough of your own. The only guarantee is that you will retire in debt like 95% of the other Americans.

You must also MAKE MONEY FAST.  When you make money fast, the risk is very low because it comes back to you FASTER.  When you put money into a company on the stock market that company may be gone in a few years.  This is what we call HOPE AND PRAY investing.  Depend on others to manage your investment properly and pray you get your initial investment back, let alone a profit.  Taxes and Inflation will take care of your little profit anyway.  What’s worth $100k now is only going to be worth $30k in 10 years.  Get it? 

You must use your credit to make an IMMEDIATE INCOME.  Using bank money is expensive and it’s not cheap as there are expensive fees to get this money.  Use an ATM to get your own money and you can pay 5%!  See why banks make money.  Now you can do the same.  Create an ATM MACHINE for yourself without the hassles and headaches of trying to understand and educate yourself on finance and investments.   Why not spend your time on other more important things like YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND LOVED ONES!

You must also use smart TAX strategies that we have to limit your tax liability.  Taxes are the greatest destructor of wealth ever devised.  Eliminate 98% of your taxes on ALL your income now and add 35%-60% more NET PROFIT to your income!  This is also called COMPOUND profits.  When you save that much money, you can create more money much quicker.  SAVED money is 1000 times smarter than making money.  SAVED MONEY doesn’t cost you anything, but making money takes a lot of time, expense, and energy, then the Government takes up to 70% of what you do earn. CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF TAXES YOU ARE PAYING!

The 3 simple steps below will explain very simply how you can be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT in as little as 15 days from now, or only a few more weeks if your credit needs work.  You are only ONE SMART decision from creating the OPTIMUM LEISURELY LIFESTYLE.  Every day is costing you another day of work and hundreds of dollars you’re not making.


If you want to make a lot more money than your great job with less money, then help someone else become FINANCIALLY FREE.  MONEY is the best product on the planet.  It solves 99% of problems.   Only broke, poor, stupid, people say “money doesn’t buy happiness”.  Did you ever hear a rich person say that?  If you needed 150k for a kidney transplant for your dying child how important would money be then? Most relationships fail and most arguments start because of LACK OF MONEY.  Don’t be a dum-dum and don’t give an over inflated value to your job or life.  Most people are nickels and think their shiny quarters.  We are all special in our own ways, however if you continue to be lazy, unmotivated, or financially stupid don’t expect life to change.  You can’t go on doing the same thing expecting different results.

So let’s go ahead and get you started.


DON’T RETIRE IN DEBT!  See how 96% of all Americans retire deep in debt depending on the government for some scraps!

Our strategic contacts have a 3-step process that will…

1.   Enhance your credit scores to over 750+ saving you HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in future interest payments on mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc.  We use a very sophisticated software to maximize your funding amounts and interest fees. 

*NOTE: Credit Enhancement-Repair-Elimination is a TWO step process.

First, to remove, and suppress negative inaccurate information. Not only do our legal experts remove your negative files they will get you a MONETARY SETTLEMENT of up to $2,000 for every negative debt.  And here is the best part- It’s FREE.  We do not charge for this service. (The attorneys do not work on public records or late payments, we have another credit repair source in the program for those issues).

 Second, to add positive legal trade lines.

* Adding trade lines can cost thousands of dollars to add to your file. These trade lines need to be paid upfront by somebody!  If you have a 640+ FICO score they can be paid by our “Pay It Forward” Sponsor Program. This program can take several months because of the volume of clients we have, however we do have a lender who can get most of our clients $5,000 in a personal loan to expedite adding trade lines to your files!  FASTER to the funding and Joint Venture investments!       

SEE how the Pay it Forward Program Works:       

2.   The financial brokers have underwriter relationships which can get you up to 10 times more funding up to $500,000 dollars in business and personal funding in 2-6 weeks.  You can obtain future rounds of funding also.  The amount of funding depends on many factors including your income and the value in your FICO scores.  YOU WILL NEED AN INCOME to get large amounts of funding! (Usually $40,000 or more!) *If you are self-employed the financial brokers will help you with income documentation.

3.   Then on to large passive income UP to $12,000 a month residual income by “Renting” your good credit! - Use NONE of your own money to earn this money!  Use your good credit to make more money!  (See the banking information included on how the financial experts do this).

3a. Collect a $200,000 balloon payment after 36 months.

3b. The financial brokers set up a $60,000 annual life insurance payout every year while protecting your loved ones.

3c. Then on to a tax strategy that will eliminate 98% of your taxes.

3d. The financial brokers pay your monthly debt load.  You don’t have to pay any loans off that go into the JV investment program!

3e. Then on to financial education with these financial power brokers & an investment program that will increase your net worth by Millions over the years!  You will be given a world class financial education from these financial mentors as you progress through more passive income methods.


  3. Your relationship with your FICO Score:  LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR SIGNATURE TO CREATE MILLIONS!



The legal team will get you to Total Credit Restoration of Your FICO Scores removing inaccuracies, debt settlements, debt discharging. And adding enhancements. This includes liens, judgements, late payments, student loans, child support, etc.

Having a strong income will speed up the process!  There are programs for those who have no income, but it can take longer.

ADDITIONAL WEALTH BENEFIT 1The powerful process, using affidavits, notaries, court documents etc., which can cost up to $15,000 upfront depending on the file, is prepaid by our previously funded members! We call this our "PAY-IT-FORWARD PARTNER PROGRAM". The credit restoration program includes 2 Major components.

  1. Removal of all negatives and suppression of information using affidavits, notaries, court documents and skilled legal remedies unknown to typical credit repair.
  2. Addition of trade lines if necessary.

 SEE how it works here:

*If you wish to pay no money upon your funding, just help 3 others become financially free and your backend costs for the debt elimination process will be eliminated.

ADDITIONAL WEALTH BENEFIT 2:  After restoration you will be able to save up to SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS from lower interest rates!  The difference in a few interest points over a 30 year mortgage can be well into the SIX figures depending on the type of home you purchase.  Savings are also realized from car loans, and many other lenders!

ANOTHER WEALTH BENEFIT 3: The team does have an expedited service to fast forward your file for additional upfront costs.  Time is money and money loves speed.  Paying for expedited services can mean the difference between $10k and $40k depending on the amount of funding!

ANOTHER WEALTH BENEFIT 4:    The experts use a “RAPID RESCORE” process to expedite your RESCORING.  When inaccuracies are removed or trade lines added, you won’t have to wait up to a month or longer for the 3 bureaus to update your files. It is done in as little as 48 hours,  saving you a month.  A month of time could be worth up to $10,000!



Very thin file and low scores. This file will be a total rebuild. Hours required:  32

  • Will need compliance, heavy primaries, AU's and a new primary
  • Credit Scores EXP 495    EQ 511    TU 495
  • Chex Systems: None
  • Only open accounts in file are collections accounts
  • Inquiries Need To Be Removed:
  • EXP 3     EQ 8     TU 2

Derogatories Need Removal:

  • DBA Paragon Revenue GR - collections - $5,049 - medical
  • LVNV Funding LLC - collections - $455
  • Merrick Bank Corp - charge off - $838
  • US Auto Finance/US AUT - repo/voluntary surrender - $4069
  • Wakefield & Associates - collections (X2) $1469 / $1298 - medical
  • Covington Credit - closed/charge off - $631
  • Service Loan Company - closed/collections - $800
  • Sports & Imports Auto - repo - $10,100
  • Security Financial - closed/charge off - $450 

Tradelines Needed:

  • Compliance         $1,800
  • 4 Primaries           $5,600
  • 4 AU's                      $2,800
  • New Primary            $300

TOTAL COST                 $10,500

As you can see, fixing credit is not cheap!  It must be looked at as an investment in your future. You are making good financial decisions investing in assets not liabilities!


Funding from $150,000 UP to $500,000 depending on your FICO scores.  This amount can be duplicated in a second round of funding.  Note: To obtain the largest amounts of funding you must have a documented income.  If you don’t have this kind of income, there may be other alternatives for you.    Lenders want to know they will be paid back! Here are the funding methods we use to get you the most amount of money.

  1. Private Lender Funding
  2. ADDITIONAL WEALTH BENEFIT 5: One of our resources can provide you with a $5,000 AGED CORPORATION with NO UPFRONT COSTS, SAVING YOU MORE MONEY! Start up business funding.
  3. NON-FICO funding
  4. Personal Funding
  5. Asset based funding

ADDITIONAL WEALTH BENEFIT 6:  As you move on to step 3 the Joint Venture credit leveraging and “leasing” of your credit, the Investment team will contact you and give you a FREE financial education that the Rich have learned to create all their wealth.



A Joint Venture Investment Opportunity with a Team of FINANCIAL POWER BROKERS leveraging and Leasing Your New Good Credit and Funding from you into a substantial PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME Every Month for life!  They know how to operate like the institutional banks and the rich do, leveraging money up to 40 to 1!

This immediate income amount depends on your funding amount, but usually payouts every month range from about $12,000 and more as the reserves build.


ANOTHER WEALTH BENEFIT 8:  The financial broker will show you how to create a licensed Life Insurance product that will not only protect your loved ones if something would happen to you, but will generate $60,000 a year in additional REVENUE FOR YOU!

 ANOTHER WEALTH BENEFIT 9:  Get $200,000 in a balloon payment and the financial brokers will help you reach millions in passive revenues. They will TEACH you how wealth is created along the way!  Get a world class financial education for FREE!

ANOTHER WEALTH BENEFIT 10:   The financial brokers can in most cases get you a $5,000 personal loan to purchase trade lines to enhance your FICO scores!  If you can’t qualify for this subprime loan we have the Sponsor program:

*The "Pay it Forward" Partner Program generates wealth by passing it on to others.  This is how you get your Upfront costs covered!  This amount is paid back upon funding,  however you can ELIMINATE this cost by referring 2 or 3 clients into this program to help them achieve ULTIMATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

 ANOTHER WEALTH BENEFIT 11:  You make money very quickly with this program.  Making your money back fast means less risk! Imagine what can happen if you put your credit in a stock over 20 years.  That is what we call the “Hope and Pray” method.  We want aggressive income returned quickly!

To understand how banks make money out of thin air and you can do institutional investing like the banks do, visit:

  Modern Money Mechanics 

ANOTHER WEALTH BENEFIT 12:   You will be able to TEAM UP WITH LEGAL STRUCTURE EXPERTS who can create a tax structure to reduce your tax burden by up to 98%.  The greatest creator or DESTRUCTOR OF WEALTH IS TAXES!  By the use of several trusts you can create 9800% more wealth.  The cost of this program can come from your profits or the credit lines you have acquired!

  • It’s important to understand that saving a dollar is 1000 times smarter than making a dollar!  When your income starts to go up, so do your taxes!

You only have to become a member of MMU to gain access to this 3 step financial freedom program as well as our other programs. Membership cost is $499 and is worth several hundred thousand dollars, even millions of dollars in financial knowledge, products, and services!



  • Private mentoring by successful entrepreneurs, finance experts, etc.
  • Access to over 1000 financial educational Video/Audio courses.  The value is over $100,000 but the information is priceless.
  • Access to other passive income methods returning from 10%-20% per month INSTANT INCOME IDEAS.
  • 3% referral commissions for helping others obtain financial freedom.  Average $12,000k-$24,000 per referral.
  • Access to our $100,000 Financial Education Video/Audio/Training manuals with many income ideas.
  • Access to our 100% INVESTMENT funding program.  Acquire MULTI-MILLION dollar assets and create multiple income streams using this program.  (A bank guarantee is needed to get funding and we can help with that).  You can find investments and split the broker commissions with us for others looking for investments.  A 1% commission on a 100 Million dollar project is ONE MILLION DOLLARS for you.
  • Access to our Pay It Forward – Partner Program which allows you to make substantial returns while helping others go through our programs.
  • Access on How to discharge Back Child Support                                                   (This is available at discounted fees with membership!)
  • Access to our resource on“How To Buy a New Automobile for $5,000.00                                “
  • Access to How to discharge IRS debt and get rid of them forever                                               “
  • Access to How to discharge your mortgage once and for all                                                         “
  • Travel without the DMV and License requirements.  It’s the law                                                  “
  • Access your treasury direct account and discharge all your debts                                             “
  • Discharging property taxes                                                                                                                        “
  •  A financial product which creates wealth for someone is the best product on the planet.  Everyone wants more money.

To get started with this program you will need to speak to a Financial Mentor to make sure you understand all our benefits and your responsibilities!  Email us at: with your name, phone, and best time to call!  A mentor will contact you within 48 hours!


  • Request a invoice from for Google Wallet Payment of your membership!  We will send a payment notice ASAP.
  • For CPN funding we only accept direct deposit or bank wire (you can now do this online at most banks if you don't wish to go to the bank)


Most Important Questions About the Debt Program

 Q. How does the Joint Venture (JV) partnership work?

You will be leasing your credit lines to the investors who know how to leverage it up to 40 to 1 using “sweep accounts" and other strategies the rich use to get richer.  You will not be the average investor anymore.  This is passive income delivered to your account every month for life.  The reason the rich get richer is because they have access to large amounts of capital to invest, and they are able to invest where the average Joe cannot.  Now you can invest where the rich invest without the headaches and hassles.  The returns on this will generate substantial residual payments--well into the 5 digits monthly. Depending on the amount of funding and whether you reinvest your monthly profits, the monthly income should range between $5k and $10k--going up from there.  The brokers also pay your loan during this time with the profits!

Q. How are my credit lines protected?

First, it’s really not your money, it’s the banks.  You are using OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY to create wealth.   This is better than using your own.  And you don’t have enough of your own money to accomplish this anyway.  If a depression came upon us that’s the minimal risk.  The loans are also NON-RECOURSE meaning they can’t come after your home or take your kids.   If, however you think for one second there is such a thing as ZERO risk investing, you’re delusional.  Nobody got anywhere staying where they are.  Most of the investments are secured, managed, low risk, and use sweep and non-depleting accounts, in addition to other safe income opportunities. The $60,000 annual Life Insurance product is the best protection ever and won’t go away as the Federal Government protects the public with life products. *Worst case scenario:  The legal experts discharge your debts again, and you start over with any money not yet returned.

Q. Do I have to put all my funding into the JV program?

No, do what you want with it, however, if you are not investing, the legal team will want you to pay for your services upfront!  UNLIKE every other financial guru who takes money whether you make it or not, they make their money on a percentage of your profits!  They don’t win unless you win.  You are only 30 days from your first investment payout, and it keeps paying out every month forever.

Q. How long does the Financial Freedom process take?

If you have very strong FICO scores it may only take 2 weeks.  You must remember there are TWO steps to credit repair.  First, is removing negative information.  The second is adding positive trade lines.  Adding positive trade lines requires large upfront costs, as acquiring trade lines is not cheap.  They can run up to $2,000 each depending on the age and amount of them.  The processor has a very sophisticated software program that will give a very detailed report on how to maximize your funding.

Q.  What if I already have a strong 700+ FICO score?

Then you go right into funding.  No membership fees are required.   You are only 1 simple step to living the Optimum Leisurely Lifestyle!

Q.  What if my FICO scores are below 650?

If they are above 640 on all 3 bureaus the financial brokers will pay for your tradelines.   Tradelines can cost thousands of dollars, but it’s an investment that can take you from ZERO funding up to $300,000 or more!

If your FICO scores are below 640 you will need to go through our other credit repair processor who does not charge any upfront fees!  You only pay $20 per deletion,  ($100 for bankrupticies or liens) when they are removed!  They do charge a $99 processing fee after the first deletions are made).  This is the best value for quality credit repair in the country.

Q.  Can all my negative information be removed?

Bankruptcies, liens, judgements, late payments, child support, can all be suppressed.  You must remember that no ethical company can actually guarantee anything can be removed.  They are not the credit bureau--only a credit bureau can take off a negative item or add a positive.

It’s important to know that the “Pay-It-Forward” program will help you eliminate these large upfront costs, but there may be a delay while we wait for someone else to get funding to pay for your fees.  If you want to speed up the process, when your report comes, you may request to pay the upfront costs to speed up your process.  The processors will not pay your upfront fees of potentially TEN-FIFTEEN thousand dollars!  They will however, arrange for you to get them eventually with our Pay-It-Forward program.  No other company on the planet will do this for you.

Q. Will you be discharging the debts or just removing them from the credit reports?

There are processes we have available to eliminate, negotiate, delete, and suppress credit information, we use the fastest method which is to remove the inaccuracies from your file first, so you can move on to funding.   We are able with our law firm resource to actually get CASH settlements for you on negatives reporting to the credit bureau.

Q. Is an income minimum requirement to get funding?

No, however the lenders want to make sure you can pay loans back so the less money you make the less funding you can get.  Don’t be delusional, we aren’t miracle workers. We just have strong underwriter relationships.  If your income is weak,  become a referral agent for our 3 step financial freedom process and make $10,000-$20,000 per referral.  That should increase your income!

Q. How much funding can I expect?

Every file is different.  There are no two identical files.  Age of trade lines, debt ratio, amount of trade lines, income, all have a lot to do with the amount of funding. When we say UP to $400,000 in funding, that is what we mean. This does not mean $400,000 but UP to.  In many cases using business and personal funding they can get much much more!

The first funding we prefer to do with you is with our AGED corporation funding.  We have arranged with our resource to get you business funding without having to pay up to $5,000 and more UPFRONT for the aged corporation!  Another benefit of our membership.

Q. How can I get a $5,000 personal loan or more to pay for credit enhancements and trade lines?

We have a resource who can get poor credit people several thousand dollars in a sub prime loan to add positive trade lines.   Trade lines are not cheap!  They can cot up to $2,000 or more depending on they type of tradeline, age, and amount!  Fortunately, our financial brokers have a proprietary software to evaluate a credit file so there is no guesswork in our process!

Q. How much money of my funding can I use for myself?

We know you want lifestyle money to enjoy some of your deserved funding.  This can be 10% or maybe even more, however it’s important to restart your financial freedom the right way and use this funding as GOOD DEBT creating passive income for years to come.

Q. What is the typical FICO score I need to go into funding?

We have had 770 Fico scores who needed trade lines.  There is no standard for funding.  Almost all files need some work!

Q. What type of loans are these?  Credit cards?  Loans?  Interest Rates?

Most are loans, some can be credit cards.  If you have to ask what the interest rates are, (typical for business or personal credit), then you don’t understand wealth creation.  It’s not the interest rates you care about but the PERCENTAGES.  What can you turn your borrowed money into as far as returns?  If you can get a house for $50,000 that you can sell for $100,000.00 in a month, do you care if it’s 5% or 15% interest, if you can get to the money?

Q. How long does it take to get the funding?

There will be several lenders you need to get the maximum amount of funding so it can take from 10 days up to 3 weeks on average.  This can vary.

Q. What are the success fees on the funding?

Success fees are like when you close a mortgage--the broker takes fees.  A hard money lender may take 15-20% just to fund you for a few weeks.   A business partner takes 50% or more to lend you the money.  Money is not free or cheap.  Many experts have to spend countless hours preparing docs and spending time on the phones for you.  The 20% success fees that are charged by the processor can also be recouped by referring a few people you know to our program.  Why not help them break free from financial slavery?  Besides, you also get access to $100,000 in financial education courses, NO upfront aged corporation funding, access to our programs and processes, private mentoring, webinars from successful money experts, and a lot more.

Q. How is my loan paid back?

If you’re in the 3 step financial freedom program, they will pay your loans back!  An agreement to this is signed with them so you are protected.

Q. What are you doing with the money once you JV with me and my credit & how much will I make?

Where they invest it is not your primary concern. You don’t need any experience in investing to do this.  If you want to make the Millions though, you will want them to teach you how to reinvest other profits.  They will give you a world class financial education for FREE.

The processors invest the monies into many programsThey will pay you to rent your credit lines up to $12,000 a month PASSIVE –RESIDUAL INCOME, depending on the amount of funding.  You are only a few simple steps to financial freedom!

Q. How am I guaranteed my returns?

The only guarantee is that your going to retire like the 96% of americans,  deep in debt and depending on the government for a few scraps every month, after working hard for 60 years of your life.

First, its not a return, it’s them renting your credit lines for a fee,  second,  there is no such thing as a ZERO risk investment.  That is delusional thinking.  Put your money under a mattress and come home and your home is on fire.  If you want to achieve success you must risk failure that is the rules of nature.  There are however many benefits to this program.

1.       It makes money quickly, eliminating most risks.

2.       The processors will sign an agreement with you,  transferring liability to them.

3.       They are debt elimination experts so at the worst, you can get your files cleaned off again.

4.       The investments they use leverage money up to 40 to 1, it’s managed risk, they use sweep accounts using only profits, and other secured investments.

5.       The Pay- It-Forward program guarantees you guaranteed returns because there is no shortage of people who want their credit enhanced and become financially free.

Q. How can I use your life insurance strategy to make $60,000 in annual payments?

They have a process to protect your family with a life insurance product that will also allow you to take a payout of $60,000 a year for life.

Q. What tax advantages are there with this program?

There are tax experts who will develop a tax strategy to reduce your taxes up to 98%.  Taxes are the greatest destructor of wealth.  How much more can you make if the government leaves you with 100% more money to invest?

Q. How often am I paid?

Monthly, the financial brokers will talk to you and go over your entire plan.  They may want to take out 6 months payments to protect the lender as well as you, which is a great safety net for you.  You will also pay it forward to others, earning a return on their funding as well!

Q. Is there a balloon payment after a certain amount of time?

Yes, as of now, most will receive a $200,000 payout after a certain number of months.  They will discuss that with you, as it depends on your credit lines that are rented from you.

Q. How much of a referral commission can I earn for referrals?

THREE percent.  On $400,000 that is about $12,000.  Not bad for spending a few minutes with someone helping them learn how to become financially free!

Q. How do I get started?

Fill out a contact page here on the website and we will email or call you to get started.  We want to speak with you in person before we get you started so you understand what we can and cannot do.

Disclaimer: Financial Freedom Club is not a direct personal loan provider and does not provide financial advice but merely offers financial educational materials, resources, ideas, and opportunities from third party companies and persons, nor does it vouch for any vendor or service mentioned. Always research and perform due diligence on any service provider or vendor before deciding to use them, and we recommend that you speak with a financial advisor regarding all decisions that will affect your finances.