How Our Experts Fix Your Credit File

Our law firm resource can remove many debts from your reports and in many cases get you a cash settlement of up to $2,000 through legal remedies. This turns merely removing negative inaccuracies on your reports to a wealth creation product!  While they don't remove public liens, inquiries, or late payments, (we have another source for that),  this is where we start with the credit repair process.  Simply amazing!

Wealth Creation Secret Number 13

You must use your good credit to create assets, not liabilities.  Most people are financially ignorant and only use their credit to acquire liabilities like a car, house, and furniture. All of these are liabilities. 

You can use your good credit and your signature to create unlimited wealth by acquiring cashflow using the banks’ money and then buying assets and creating immediate income-producing assets.

  1. We analyze your credit and financial situation to see the best formula to get you all the funding you “NEED TO SUCCEED”.  Our credit expert resources use a special software to analyze your FICO reports to get you the fastest and most complete solution to getting you to the money.
  2. We start working on getting you prepared or get you started into the financing programs. These include Credit Restoration, Personal Credit Lines, acquiring already established Companies with good credit, Private Money Funding, 100% Asset-Based Funding, etc. There is a very specific process that must be followed to obtain the MAXIMUM amount of funding for you.  The more money you can control, the more opportunities you can be exposed to. The rich are able to invest in opportunities that the "Average Joe” is not exposed to.  That’s why the rich get richer.
  3. During this time, we want you to become Financially Intelligent, so you can use this money wisely. Borrowing Other People’s Money is not free, but it’s better than using your own.  All the successful people in the world, somewhere along the way, have used Other People’s Money to become wealthy. Money loves speed and you don’t have enough time to save it all yourself. Most people have NO IDEA what they would do with ONE MILLION Dollars or Even $10,000. You need to know this stuff. Know what you don’t know.
  4. Once you have become Financially Educated there are HUNDREDS of avenues to invest in.  While we do not sell investments or are investment advisors, we offer you ideas on where to put your newly acquired money. You are only one simple step away from Financial Independence.  You can buy a McDonald's franchise and retire. You can create Financial Freedom using the greatest wealth creation tool in the history of mankind, the Internet!  Or you can invest in residual producing passive investments. Or start a business you are passionate and excited about. People rarely fail at something they are excited about.  We have a 100% investment bank who only requires a small loan origination fee upfront.  Create 200k incomes for a few pennies!
  5. We also help you “Be the Bank” by helping others with upfront costs and they will gladly pay a fee to use your funding for a month or so.  Make tens of thousands of dollars helping others become financially free! 

The first thing to understand about credit repair is that there are TWO improvements that need to go into credit restoration.

You must remove the negative inaccuracies. This may include judgements, inquiries, late payments, repos, public liens, bankruptcies, incorrect addresses, and more. There are several ways to attack these issues...

  • Get the credit bureaus to verify the negatives, of which there are 17 ways to attack this, most repair companies only know ONE!  This is why they take a year to remove half the issues and nothing much ever happens to your files.   AT least not enough to use your good credit to create assets and wealth.  Our credit repair includes an expert law firm in credit repair.  With many issues they can actually remove the negative AND get you a CASH settlement of several thousand dollars!  The credit repair and loan companies are not doing things properly and you can call them on this issue! 
  • The law firm only handles restoration on the bigger items, so we have another credit repair expert who can remove the other issues, things like public liens, late payments, inquiries and issues the law firm won’t handle.   We have made arrangements for huge discounts for our members.  This includes NO UPFRONT Fees and a small payment upon deletion for those who are financially hurt.  Our other credit repair expert will remove ALL your negatives with a small upfront fee of $299!    This is $1,000 or more off the normal cost of credit repair.  A huge discount for our paid members. This process only takes an average of 45 days.  However, no one can guarantee removal of every negative.  They are not the credit bureau, only the credit bureau can take something off a file!  Anyone who says different is lying to you!
  • In some instances it may be much smarter to just offer a settlement on a negative item.  This has THREE benefits. 
  1. It removes the negative off the reports. 
  2. It turns the negative into a PAID primary account lifting your FICO scores and adding a primary tradeline back onto your accounts!
  3. It solves the debt once and for all, after all, removing an item from a credit report doesn’t make the debt go away,  this does.
  • Finally, we have a blueprint you can follow which is included with our membership that gives you a legal step by step process to terminate all your debt obligations, student loans, credit cards, terminate everything.  If you understand how this area of law works you know how this can be done.

While removing the negatives is the first step for repairing your file, it is not the last.  You will need to add trade lines to your files to improve your scores and show the lenders that you have demonstrated you are capable of managing debt.  It's like a teenager asking her parents to add her to your credit accounts to help build her file!  It’s that simple.

This is an expensive prospect in most cases, but not with our knowledge.

We can help you access up to 6 PRIMARY TRADELINES within 24 hours.  This will save you about $5,000 in upfront costs.

We can then help you obtain some of the aged and seasoned trade lines--both AUs and Primaries--legally, the only way it should or can be done.  The prices we have negotiated with our contacts are half of what anyone else will charge you.

YOU MUST ADD POSITIVES IN THE FORM OF TRADELINES! Adding trade lines can increase your odds of getting much more funding.   With our VIP membership we will give you access to up to 6 PRIMARY TRADELINES for just the cost of an initial small order from the vendors!  This can add over 150 points to your FICO scores!

  • We have Primary and Authorized User (AU) trade line sources.  Our primary sources are trade line you actually purchase and they stay on for many years! If you do not have upfront costs for these lines we may be able to help you with our “Be the Banker” income opportunity, where those who came before you loan you money to get you started, and you just pay them a fee for their help!  Everyone wins.
  • To add legitimate trade lines can cost thousands of dollars each.  They are considered an investment, not an expense. They get you closer to your funding goals.  If you have a 580-640 FICO Score with no recent derogatories the past year, 2 paystubs, and 2 verifiable bank statements, and few recent inquiries, we may be able to get you $5,000 to enter the NON-FICO funding program with up to $80,000 in funding!
  • If you have a 640-700 FICO score we can get you up to $100,000 or more with our processor contacts.
  • If you have 700 FICO scores we can get you up to $500,000 in many cases, also using AGED corporation funding with NO upfront fees on this!
  • We have a rental primary for $695 that will add about 110 points to your Transunion report. We know how to get funding using ONLY your Transunion score! Only $695 to members. (This is about half the cost of most other primary tradelines.)
  • We have assumable Primary and Authorized User tradelines that skyrocket FICO scores. Prices range from $500 for AUs on up. Prices are discounted $100 for paid members.
  • For qualified members we have funding options with no money upfront.


tradeline proof 2.jpg
tradeline proof 3.jpg


Talk to a financial mentor to get details on what is available within your budget. In many cases we have “Be the Bank” members who have already been funded and will help you with upfront costs.   They charge a fee, but the tradelines can take you from ZERO in funding to several hundred thousand dollars.

To take advantage of our services you must first be a member and to join just click here to see the benefits of our memberships.

Then once your credit restoration is complete you’re ready for funding and step TWO!

*DID YOU KNOW... If your bad debt is with a third party debt collector, you are only liable for what THEY paid to buy that bad debt!  That could usually be only 5 cents on the dollar! Your debt is not really $5,000 it is only $250!

*DID YOU KNOW...There are many legal, ethical and moral ways to get your credit repaired. Almost everyone’s credit report has errors in it. And there are three reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and Transunion) so you can imagine how many errors there could be on yours!  Some are technical errors, some bad debts that are old enough they should be removed, and some very good credit repair companies can negotiate to get your bad credit mark reversed with just a commitment to start paying a little bit every month.

Bottom line is--there are solutions to any problem.

Adding yourself to other people’s good credit is one way to add positive marks on your report.  Parents do it all the time for their kids to help build up their credit report.

Some items can come off quickly, some things may take months, if ever. It depends on the repair company you use. Some operate unethically and there are many credit repair dimwits out there. Everyone and his mother thinks they can do credit repair. Stay away from promises too good to be true. We have spent thousands of hours researching, testing, monitoring and studying these companies to find the best company for any particular situation.

It’s illegal for credit companies to charge you upfront and not disclose the costs to you, or not give you a 3-day right to cancel, or not explain the services they’re offering including how long it will take and your legal rights!  Make sure they deliver what they promise and put it in writing! Then, make sure THEY sign it.

Make Sure You Obey the Laws Regarding Credit Restoration. There are legal ways to do things and illegal ways!

A FICO score is a credit score that determines the likelihood that credit users will pay their bills. The score is developed using models and mathematical tables that assign points for different elements or pieces of information that best predict future credit performance.

FICO scores range from 300 to 850, and are calculated based on payment history, balances owed, length of credit history, types of credit used, and new credit history. FICO 08––introduced in the latter part of 2008––is a new scoring formula designed to more accurately predict loan defaults. One of the primary purposes of FICO 08 was to eliminate the practice of “piggybacking.” This occurs when individuals are permitted to add authorized users on their credit accounts to boost their credit scores. Many lenders have opposed this change because it inhibits compliance with Federal Reserve Board regulations and hinders authorized users, such as spouses and college students, from establishing or maintaining a credit rating.

Millionaire Mentor University does not do credit repair. However, we have strong contacts who are able to achieve amazing results quickly. They know the secrets 99% of the credit repair companies do not know.  The difference in knowing the secrets that the 99% don't know is the difference between obtaining $20,000 and $300,000.  

There are options for every budget. The bottom line is-- if you have more money than time you spend the time, taking the slower route. This could take several months to repair a credit file. Many negatives may never come off.  It's important to be realistic;  you can't expect decades of credit issues to be resolved in a few weeks. 

However, if you have more money than time you can fast-track the process and usually get the credit repaired, sometimes in as little as a few days. Either way, having good credit vs. GREAT credit is the difference between $20,000 and $300,000.

Financial Freedom Club has three credit specialists with different talents to get your FICO scores up to where they need to be!

  1. Our law firm can not only remove many negatives but get you a CASH settlement for their inaccurate reporting on your files! Up to 2k per negative!  This flips a negative into a wealth creation product!  Nobody else can do this and it’s included FREE with our memberships.
  2. We have a credit repair specialist who will do a audit using proprietary software to best attack what the law firm will not work on,  (Inquiries, late payments, public liens).  The credit repair is FREE also, however they will charge you a nominal $299 for the analyzing of your file at that time, and a very specific report on exactly how to attack the files with specific bureaus and do it fast.  Nobody can guarantee removal of accurate negatives, only a credit bureau can do that, but this is the best  repair specialist available.
  3. We also can help you with our debt discharge blueprints.  There is a legal remedy to cancel your debts.  That is included FREE with membership also. The information here is priceless.
  4. Sometimes it may be smarter to negotiate a settlement on your debts because it can then be used as a Positive Primary on your report.  Sometimes a settlement can be done for as little as 10 cents on the dollar!  This process can be much quicker as well!

We are here with CPN resource contacts who can help you reach your goal of being debt free through credit repair or by obtaining a new credit profile with a CPN (Credit Profile Number).

A CPN or SCN (Secondary Credit Number) are the same thing. It is advised not to use a CPN as a permanent solution since there are things that you cannot use it for, but it is a great way to continue on with life while having your credit repaired. All CPN/SCN numbers are tri-merged, validated and skip traced before being delivered or issued. We do not sell or issue recycled or issued SSN numbers.

What can you use a CPN for?  Below is a list of the items that can be obtained using a CPN: 

  • Auto Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loans
  • Medical Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Apartment Rentals or Leases
  • Bank Accounts
  • Cell Phones
  • Utility Bills 
  • And Many, Many More!!

What you CANNOT use your CPN/SCN for...a CPN cannot be used for any loan that is government-related, such as:

  • Military Loans
  • Child Support
  • Obtaining Mortgages or Home Loans
  • Paying or Filing Taxes
  • ANY Government Funding

What is needed to create your CPN file?

  • Name
  • DOB
  • New Address--a street address (not a PO Box) that has never been associated or linked to your credit report
  • New Phone Number (optional)
  • New Email Address (optional)


1. Want to know how with a couple of baby steps you can become FINANCIALLY FREE with a FICO score as low as 580?

  • With 2 paystubs and 2 bank statements, in other words some form of income
  • No recent derogatories of any kind within the last year
  • Photo ID

We can get you about $5,000.  Now here is where it gets interesting.

With that $5,000 we can get you CPN funding up to $100,000.

With that money you can enter our “BE THE BANK” income opportunity,  the JV partner program,  AND use some for a down payment on our 100% financing for business or real estate projects.

With that kind of money you can do all 3!

  • Acquire 500k assets for about $18,000 down that nets $250,000!
  • Help 10 other people a month get funding and make $15,000 a month without working!
  • Join a savvy team of financial experts and make up to $12,000 a month without working while they pay off your loan payments!   A $200,000 balloon payment also is part of the equation and a tax strategy to eliminate 98% of your taxes!

The rules of wealth creation are no secret, you do certain things you get certain results.  It’s that simple.

Sign up on our CONTACT US link to get started!

2. NEW PROGRAM FOR 500 FICO CLIENTS!  Get up to $10k for investing!

We now have another amazing lender partner who can now get those with FICO scores as low as 500 up to 5k or even more in funding.  We started with the 580 FICO program and now we have an even easier funding partner!

All you need is:

  • No recent derogatories
  • 2 Years residential history
  • 2 Years income verified
  • 2 trade lines posting to your credit file
  • 1 Paystub
  • No recent collections
  • If you have collateral such as a car, etc. we can get up to 25k!
  • No bankruptcy last 2 years!
  • You will need to go into the bank to pick up your check, so you may have to drive!  Some states may not be available for funding.
  • Takes about a week after all docs are in!
  • All we check is your EQUIFAX scores, so it’s easier!
  • No bank statements are required.

Usual 20% success fees are due upon funding; however, you will invest in our “CPN No-FICO funding program” to get up to $80,000 and half this fee will be applied to your next funding, so we can get you more money!

Once that money comes in (approximately 45-60 days), you are in retirement mode! Help others with their upfront fees and make 5k, 10k, 25k, a month PASSIVELY. No work involved. There is no shortage of people who want money!

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