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Financial Freedom Club likes to play in the big sandbox.  To create wealth you must know the difference between good debt and bad debt.

We are delighted you are coming on board to receive the best Financial Educational Products & Services, funding options, and superior credit services.

Financial Freedom Club is a resource site where you can access all kinds of resources for your future success. We have a team of researchers who search and scan, investigate and evaluate, study and monitor, all the best ideas, opportunities, investments, businesses, franchises, and funding programs to create large cash flows for you to acquire these bigger and better opportunities that the “average Joe” can never take advantage of.

Club members receive access to hundreds of video and audio courses created by successful mentors in their chosen field, including, life skills, real estate, entrepreneurship, business, and much more.  Over $55,000 worth. 

We also give you webinars on these products.

We also give you some mentoring as needed, once you become a client in one of our funding programs.

Access to highly successful products and licensing rights to them.


*NOTE: If you have additional family members you can add them for an additional $100 each!  Save $400 each on additional memberships!

  • Access to our superior debt discharge program into wealth creation, which includes funding up to $400,000 once completed (about 12 weeks). Far superior to any credit repair junk.
  • Access to the investments the processor offers which make everything else look like child’s play.
  • Free referral agent status, we call it “Financial Mentor”.  This includes priceless free training. Make an unlimited paycheck working at the beach.
  • Private Webinars and mentoring.
  • Too much more to list.

* Access to mentoring and the UP TO 100% financing program.  We teach you how to acquire MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in assets using our bank and insurance bond contact!  

* Help with funding on the Corporation build out up to 1.2 Million per corp and up to 3 corps for a total of 3.6 Million in funding.

* Pay it forward PARTNER PROGRAM.  Once you get some funding you can pay it forward by helping others obtain FINANCIAL FREEDOM as well.  Single Moms, Veterans, and the less fortunate who have no money to break out of the RAT RACE.  You simply fund their program and then in 30 to 40 days get a return of 50% on your investment.  It’s money without lifting a finger while you do something amazing for someone else.


To be considered for a Referral Agent/Financial Mentor for the Financial Freedom Club, there are several requirements.

1. You must be a paid member.  You must have made a commitment for our valuable time, energy, and access to our valuable assets.  

2. These assets include access to our:

  • $55,000 in Mentor Crash Courses
  • Private webinars and one-on-one wealth training systems
  • Proven   training with our marketing and educational formulas
  • Access to our current highly effective advertising materials and proven sales materials
  • Ongoing training and support materials
  • Proven income opportunity well into the six figures
  • Access to our resources and their wealth creation investments and strategies
  • Access to our 3-Step-Debt Discharge Program which includes funding up to $400,000 and high ROI passive investments
  • Access to our project acquisition mentor who can save you millions of dollars and help negotiate and assess any project investment and Multi-Million Dollar businesses, franchises, and virtually any project that needs up to 100% financing
  • Many, many more benefits

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Financial Freedom Club is not a direct personal loan provider, investment advisor, securities analyst, and does not provide financial advice but merely offers financial educational materials, suggestions from our third party resources, and offers memberships to access these 3rd party resources courses, ideas, funding solutions, and opportunities from third party research companies and person, nor does it vouch for any vendor or service mentioned. Always research and perform due diligence on any service provider or vendor before deciding to use them, and we recommend that you speak with a financial advisor regarding all decisions that will affect your finances.

We offer funding solutions with third party funding sources. We offer access to income methods other third parties are using to make money with.  We make no guarantee you will be successful. That depends on your ambition, business skills, talent, desire, and other qualities necessary to succeed in business.  We merely put the tools in front of you to do what you wish.

When you borrow money, you are expected to pay it back. Borrowing money is not cheap or free.

There may be fees and repayment terms associated with it depending on the parties lending the money.  We are merely consultants who offer third party funding solutions for you as well as third party income and business courses and opportunities that you may or may not engage in. 

Borrowing money has risks, investing money has risks, you need to invest that money in businesses or products that can make you money.  There is no such thing as a zero risk investment or business. You must make use of the funding and credit opportunities lenders give you. It is not our responsibility to manage your money for you.

That is your responsibility.  We make no offer of claim that you will become rich or successful, only that the opportunity exists, and that if used smartly and prudently you can and will enjoy tremendous success and opportunity!

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