WE NOW ACCEPT BITCOIN! (and you can buy bitcoin with YOUR CREDIT CARD!)

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1. “Be the Bank” income opportunity. Simply help others with their upfront credit enhancement costs or their down payment costs for business/commercial real estate acquisitions and they will be delighted to pay you for helping them become financially free! We call this the “Pay it Forward” program. The average ROI for helping these lucky people is around 400%! The best part is that there are unlimited clients who want help. Everyone wants and needs money! For example: a $5,000 investment returns $6,500 in around 45 days. This can be done 20 times a cycle for a $30,000 unlimited, autopilot, residual, income!

2. Joint Venture with our Financial Broker resource! They know how to leverage your money up to 40 to 1! They will pay your loans, create a trust for you to reduce your taxes 98%, and generate a passive, residual income of up to $12,000 a month and generate a MULTI six- figure balloon payment for you in the near future.

3. Become a “Financial Mentor” for Financial Freedom Club. As a referral agent, we give you all the tools for FREE--NO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY COSTS! Access to unlimited mentors, all ad copy, your own landing page link to our website for credibility and sales copy so you don’t have to sell anything. The fact is we have the best product on the planet—money. Everyone wants it. And we have the 2nd best product on the planet, credit repair, only ours is far superior as its only 10 days to complete! How much can you earn? That depends on many factors, including how ambitious, determined, and focused you are, but at 3% commissions on all funding with your referrals you can make from $5,000 up to $30,000 per client! We also pay $100 upfront commissions on memberships, credit repair programs, trade line purchases, and other services!

4. Russell’s Futures training! We have a PhD resource who has software he has developed that turns trading from a speculative opportunity to an actual money method. They will include $10,000.00 in FREE training for you. You can expect to earn up to $1,500.00 a day working an hour or so in the morning!

5. Be our Investment Partner! We research the best income opportunities on the planet. New businesses, projects, income opportunities, commercial real estate, business acquisition, and franchises. We have funding sources which can fund up to 100% of the project, so all we require is a small upfront cost for usual business acquisition costs! Imagine acquiring a $1 million-dollar car wash that produces a net income of say $400,000! We acquire it for a small upfront cost of say $50,000. We now have a $200k a year net income, or $4k a week on auto pilot for the small $50,000 in upfront costs, while acquiring an undervalued asset in most cases. We don’t want the biggest business, but the ones that bother us the least. We hire management companies to run them, so we can both cash our PAYCHECKS AT THE BEACH!   These assets we acquire have immediate income in most cases and are usually undervalued so we can obtain immediately equity in a very short period of time. Partners receive equity and immediate profit sharing without the headaches of running a business. You don’t want to run businesses you want to control businesses.

6. Use our up to 100% funding resource to acquire assets in your local area! Once you have received several hundred thousand dollars in funding, you have some liquid cash flow to acquire all the assets your heart desires! Buy assets at 30-40% of their potential and create millions in assets, virtually overnight!

7. VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE! Why buy single family real estate and make $100 or so a month in net profit while tying up your credit, your money, having to pay property taxes, hire management, deal with empty rentals, and all the headaches that go with real estate? What do you think a website is? It’s virtual real estate. It’s hybrid digital/physical real estate that can produce MILLIONS a year in revenue. We all know about, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. But the fact is, there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of websites that produce BILLIONS in profits a year. Many of these websites are for sale, just as physical real estate is.  We have resources who sell these virtual pieces of real estate with profits ranging from $300 a month to several hundred thousand dollars a month. The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert at the internet, marketing, web design, or technically savvy. You hire an assistant for that an hour or two a week to maintain your website and grow it. If you want AUTO-PILOT money this is a great way to do it.

You should be talking to a mentor immediately upon entering our funding and repair programs! You must PRE-Plan. Fail to plan, Plan to fail.



Even though our “Be the Bank” income opportunity generates $1500 on every $5,000 investment every 45 days--with unlimited potential--that is not our best money method! Our best income opportunity for you makes RESIDUAL income without working, on auto-pilot, EVERYDAY!

Let’s give an example….
We research, investigate, evaluate, and invest in businesses and real estate that produce immediate income.  These are businesses and real estate that can be run by management companies so we don’t have to work hard. We don’t want the biggest business but the ones that bother us the least so we can focus on more important things such as our relationships!

We also put income opportunities through our filter, which decides if the business is tremendously profitable, has few headaches, and other criteria before we purchase.

YOU, as our funded partner, have the opportunity to invest some of your funds with others people like you and become an investor in the business we acquire and make a percentage of the profit (profit depending on your investment amount).  NOTICE we said PROFIT!  Unlike a typical investment such as the stock market or bonds. We want our partners to make money from day 1!  They get a deposit on profits weekly also! The best investment is one that pays you FAST and RESIDUALLY on AUTO-PILOT and in LARGE CHUNKS!

Investments can be as little as $10,000 (in some cases) to over $100,000 depending on what project we're interested in at the time. TIMING is everything in a business.

You can do both the "Be the Bank" and this passive residual programs at once if you desire and we recommend it once you receive your funding! Minimum investment in the “Be the Bank” income opportunity is $25,000 in most cases. We don’t usually like to have anyone invest in more than that unless we have an over abundance of clients needing help, so that all the other funded clients can also participate.

We have thouands of clients, and a long wait list for help. Make money helping others. They gladly will pay an extra fee to you for helping them!
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