At FFC we are researching and creating SMART, LARGE, and SAFE investments that are easy, proven, simple, and require little to no effort, time, experience, education, or training.

Here are our very best money methods for your funding!

1.       The “Be the Bank” income opportunity.  This one is a no-brainer.  Take $25k or $50k of your funding and help others get their funding and they will gladly pay a fee for your money.  Why do you think banks make 10 Billion every quarter?  Do the same only make more than the banks do!  We have 3 areas people need your help.  And there is no shortage of people who want money!  Unlimited clients.

  • A.  Clients need money upfront for No-FICO CPN funding.
  • B. They need closing costs for the 100% investment financing to acquire businesses and real estate.
  • C.  They need money for trade lines so they can proceed to funding.   All of these can make you substantial returns.  A 5k loan for 45 days returns $6,500!  Make 400% or more in ROI and do it unlimited times!

2.       Acquire assets with our 100% investor financing!  All you need is the loan origination fees of 3.5 %!  This is the greatest wealth creation product we have.   And you can use your funding to partner with us as we also have many projects we want to acquire.  Make huge ROI of 5000% or more without any effort whatsoever!  This is insane income and includes profit sharing!

3.       Joint venture with a team of superstar financial power brokers and let them leverage your credit and funding!  They will pay off your loans, give you a monthly passive paycheck of up to 12k depending on the amount of funding their using of yours, and give you a balloon payment down the road of 200k, and help you create a tax strategy that eliminates 98% of your taxes.  Also includes a program to protect your family while generating a 60k annual life insurance payout.

4.       Russell’s Futures 2000 platform.  The Professor will train you for up to 10 weeks if needed to learn how to make money. Up to 10k a day with 90 minutes of a click the mouse strategy on a proprietary software. This is not trading but a money method!  You only need to acquire the software to begin.

5.       Virtual real estate is nothing more than a way of owning a virtual website or other product ONLINE!   It’s the same as physical real estate only less risk and easier to acquire, much more lucrative.  You can start in a matter of minutes when you acquire someone else’s website who wants to sell their income stream.   This is a little known way of making boatloads of money without needing any internet experience or technical skills.  Just buy a turnkey system others are using to make all their money.  You can make $300 a week or $1 Million a week.  Just like physical real estate only faster, cheaper, and easier!

6.       Become a financial mentor.  We have a crash course in-house that will show you how to make 10k a day working ONE single hour a day.  It is so easy to make money helping others make money it’s just crazy!  There is no shortage of clients as everyone wants money.  And the commissions earned average about 10k per client.  That means you only need 1 single client a day to make 10k a day.  Do you think there is one person a day out there who doesn't want financial freedom and a better life?  Get real!