Our recommendation for the 10 best immediate passive income streams on autopilot! 

 1.   California company working in the trucking industry offers a loan opportunity.  For every $15,000 loan made to them, they will pay back $3,750!   This is paid once a month, leading to a 300% annual return on your money  They invest in agriculture in California and need funds to grow their company.  The minimum to start with is 15k (we can help match you up with a partner if you don’t have it all). 

 2.    Loan Program with a commodities trader.  We found a resource who would like to borrow your money and pay you for it.  They are a commodities trader and wish to borrow $7,500 up to $100,000.   They are willing to pay you 20% per month for use of your funds!  This is a 240% return on your money.  They will pay you once a month to borrow your money.

3.  We have located an investor in various digital products and services who would like to borrow money.  They will pay you 6% per week, or over 300% per year to borrow your money! The minimum they will borrow is $2,000 and the maximum is $50,000.  They will pay you this fee every Friday for the use of your funds.

4. “Pay it forward” income opportunity.  $5,000 loan investment.   Simply help others with their credit restoration costs and they will pay you back 2% of their funding received once they complete their loan requests!  Just $250,000 in funding for the client means $5,000 for you!  Every 45-60 days times as many clients as you want. 

5. “Joint Venture with our Financial Broker resource!  They know how to leverage your money up to 40 to 1!  They will pay your loans, create a trust for you to reduce your taxes 98%, and generate a passive, residual income of up to $12,000 a month and generating a MULTI six-figure balloon payment for you soon.

6.    Become a “Financial Mentor” for Financial Freedom Club.  As a referral agent, we give you all the tools for FREE- NO BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY COSTS!  Access to Unlimited mentors, all ad copy, your own landing page link to our website for credibility and sales copy so you don’t have to sell anything.  The fact is we have the best product on the planet- money.  Everyone wants it.  And we have the 2nd best product on the planet, credit repair, only ours is far superior as its only 10 days to complete!  How much can you earn?   That depends on many factors including how ambitious, determined, and focused you are, but at 3% commissions on all funding with your referrals you can make from $5,000 up to $30,000 per client!  We also pay $100 upfront commissions on memberships, credit repair programs, trade line purchases, and other services!

7.    Russell’s Futures training!  We have a PhD resource who has software he has developed that turns trading from a speculative opportunity to an actual money method.  They will include $10,000.00 in FREE training for you.  You may be able to earn up to $1,500.00 a day working an hour or so in the mornings.  They have results pages on their website!

8.  FOREX INVESTMENT TRADER WILL TRADE FOR YOU! We have a resource we found who will trade for you with just $500 to start, although the returns are 500% guaranteed every 3 weeks!  This means an investment of $500 returns $2,500 in 3 weeks and so on. You are just hiring him to do all the work for you and he will send the contract, the returns are guaranteed 100%! They do all the work.  Weekly updates can be given to you via email.

 9.     Use our up to 100% funding resource to acquire assets in your local area!   Once you have received several hundred thousand dollars in funding, you have some liquid cash flow to acquire all the assets your heart desires!  Buy assets at 30-40% of their potential and create millions in assets, virtually overnight!

 10.  VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE!  Why buy single family real estate and make $100 or so a month in net profit while tying up your credit, your money, having to pay property taxes, hire management, deal with empty rentals, and all the headaches that go with real estate.  What do you think a website is?  Its virtual real estate.  Its hybrid digital-physical piece of real estate that can produce MILLIONS a year in revenue.  We all know about, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc.  But the fact is there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of websites that produce BILLIONS in profits a year. Many of these websites are for sale, just like real estate is.  We have resources who sell these virtual pieces of real estate with profits ranging from $300 a month to several hundred thousand dollars a month.   The best part is that you don’t need to be an expert at anything.  If you want AUTO-PILOT money this is a great way to do it.

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One of the best income opportunities we have found...

As you know the medical marijuana industry is racking in BILLIONS of dollars a year and as new states start to legalize it, it’s just going to get bigger.  This is your real opportunity to make incredible returns on your money.  We have a resource who will pay a substantial fee for the use of your money.

This trucking company will pay you $3,750 fee for every $15,000 borrowed, usually within 3 length of time depends on how many lenders there are in any given loan period). .  This is a tremendous return on your money of as much as 25% up to 40% every month!

  • 15k investment minimum, No maximum loan amount.
  • 25% ROI in a few weeks.
  • Loan funds are insured by a $10M a year California company
  • CEO will meet serious loan persons in person
  • A  loan agreement is in place outlining terms and returns
  • Recession-proof industry
  • Wholesale operation, not retail establishment
  • Ground-floor opportunity with great upside
  • $500 dollar per payout for every $15,000 buy period referral commission.  Make up to $1,000 residual income per month for every $15,000 loan referral.

To get more information or to participate in this income opportunity, please email us with your contact information to:  mmu@mail.com

Allow up to 24 hours for response.


We have a resource who borrows money to invest in their projects, usually with very high returns. They will sign a simple loan agreement with you to borrow $2,000 and pay you $120 every week on that promissory note! 

If you loan them $6000 they return $360 per week!  When others know where to get large returns on their money all you need to do is piggyback on their knowledge.   Always do your due diligence and understand there is no such thing as a zero risk investment!  In order to achieve success you have to risk failure! 

What makes this loan agreement so appealing is that the investment comes back so quickly in a very short period of time, you're just playing with the "house money". 


We have another resource with a superior income opportunity for those who want to retire younger, rather than older! The 20% return rate (each MONTH) is amazing and this is a tremendous opportunity to expand your investment portfolio.

The minimum needed to start is $7,500 but you can invest up to $50,000.

Here is a proof of performance doc from a recent trade.



If you would like more information on this or to speak with the trader/broker we can arrange that, as well.

You can retire off this one single investment!